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Behind the Scenes of Drawing Swamp Cartoons | At the drawing board.


Cartoon roughs 1
Cartoon roughs 2
Cartoon roughs 3
Drawing Materials

Cartoon Roughs

Some of the best drawings I do never get to go to print. These drawings are called "Roughs".
They range from very quick thumbnail sketches hastily scribbled to visualise a gag idea. To a
more carefully drawn sketch that will later be traced and inked as the finished cartoon.

Below are some examples, Enjoy.

* click image to enlarge

Roughs are often drawn very fast in the hope that this will help capture a sense of action you
want your finished cartoon to have.

- Roughs take only seconds to draw.
- Doing the final inking over the top of the pencil rough take a lot longer.

However, sometimes a rough is drawn many times and rubbed out many times before I get it
the way I want it.

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