Drawing Equipment

Finding the right tools that suit your drawing style is very important.

However, in the early stages of developing cartooning skills it's good to try a wide range of pens and papers. Currently I am using the range of pens shown below..

Over the years I have drawn Swamp with a wide variety of pens. I started with Dip Pens, Crowquill 303, Gillot 170, Hunt Globe 513 E, Speedball C5 and C6 nibs.
I used black Indian ink or Rowney fw acrylic artist ink .

Lettering was done mostly with speedball C5 of C6 nibs. Changing availability of drawing paper suitable for pen and ink plus my ever changing cartoon style caused me to shift to felt tip pens such as Pentel sign pens, Pilot ultra fine point and new Staedtler pigment liners, for drawing and lettering.


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