Ding Duck Feature

Being an aviation enthusiast, when I first created Swamp it was obvious to me that I needed to include a character that had the same love for the life in the sky. That character became ‘Ding Duck’. The word “Ding” is an Australian term for a small accident, which suited Ding Duck perfectly, as I made him a character that could not fly. Not only this, but Ding has never passed a flight theory exam. Yet despite all his failures, the amazing thing about Ding is that he keeps getting up and trying again. Twenty-two years on and he’s still trying, nothing puts him off his goal no matter how hard it is. Ding Duck is determined to fly.

Over the years, Ding has gained a large following, especially among the aviation community. It’s amazing the things he’s found himself involved in with the aviation world, including invitations to major air shows, education programs in air safety, airspace and air traffic control. He’s had involvement with civil aviation, commercial aviation and even military aviation. He’s found himself in many cockpits, rubbed shoulders with airline pilots, fighter pilots, test pilots and the list goes on… not bad for a duck who can’t fly!

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Once an airline requested his image to be used on the tail of their aircraft. This was an exciting idea, but for the passengers’ sake, the request was turned down. Maybe if Ding ever learns to fly, that request will be granted.

So, you ask the question… “Will Ding Duck ever fly?” Well, my usual answer to this is, that when I learn to fly so will he. I’m not sure that’s the answer most of you want to hear, as I’ve been learning since 1972. Who knows, maybe one day he just might take off.